What happened at VMworld 2016?

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VMworld is huge IT conference attended by masses of people sometimes too many to focus. The VMworld sessions of 2017 were however recorded and are now available online. With a single click of the mouse; it is all there. The gesture benefits all those who were not able to attend as they can advance their VMware skills simply through watching the event online.

Some of the announcements that were made in VMworld 2016 include:

  • VMware Virtual SAN 6.5 – Virtual SAN 6.5 has set the stage for the future native cloud applications by reducing the total cost of ownership and enhancing automation on the 6.2 features. This is considered a solution for HCL in enterprise-class storage.
  • Virtual Volumes 2.0 – array based support by Vvol has been introduced by vSphere 6.5. it is nothing like legacy array-based replication; it does not need explicit placement on data stores to replicate VM. The control of Vvol over VM replication is fine grained in this case.
  • Site recovery manager 6.5 – new features have been introduced to the SRM 6.5 that makes it easy to monitor and use. It is also supported and fully compatible with both vSphere 6.5 and vSAN 6.5.

A new cross-cloud architecture was introduced by VMware which permits users to personalize their applications by being able connect, run, manage and even secure them across many devices and clouds. The features of the clouds will have a provision for adjustments to suit the user’s desires. The full power of the SDDC can now be delivered – thanks to the IBM – in a hybrid cloud environment.

Discussions held with John Spiegel of Columbia Sportswear indicted that through Network Virtualization, now all applications can be secured in one’s cloud. This has been made possible by integrating the NSX into its software. In a ten minutes showcase, Scot Lowe demonstrated the integration of NSX with Pivotal, Kubernetes, as well as Docker. This was an exciting show off of the future of NSX.

PowerCLI, a powershell based package made by VMware was the main focus when Chris Wahl and Kyle Ruddy took the stage. They shared the basics of powershell and powerCLI and how the can be manipulated to automate your world. They explain how the two can be integrated into the environment in simple ways.

Available, were hands-on labs where fully equipped with self-guided teaching modules. They allowed people to learn how to take advantage of new technologies in their day to day lives.

The VMware experience never gets old. There is always something new, exciting and unique. The 2016’s conference was a huge success. It is basically where the past meets the future!

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